When we build your home, we build it to last, we still hold dear the ability to build homes that are strong and made to last a lifetime. Working with your sepcifications, budget and deadline, we endeavour to give you the best quality build possible. We work with expert engineers, architects and surveyoyrs to give you a smooth project and ensure its of the highest quality results.


New Homes

Working with your architect we can help by offering customized construction services to suit the size and shape of your land. Ozcon Group work to provide you a home within your budget. Whether your building a modern, contemporary, traditional or budget build we will ensure your dream home is built to our quality and standards.

Combining 20 years of construction skills with project management expertise, our highly qualified team of tradesmen build your home with the skills gained working on many projects over the past 20 years, with a combined experience of over 300 years we put in the best effort and work on making your dream home a reality. Trust us to effectively plan and complete your new home construction with first rate quality, on time and within budget.


 Time flies and before you know it your family has grown and you find your home is not as big as it used to be. Extending your home is not just a cheaper way to upgrade your home without the hassle of selling and buying but it also comes with the added advantage of adding value to your home.At Ozcon Group home extensions are our specialty, we can help you add a bedroom or two and maybe an en-suite or another bathroom. We will help you extend your living space, kitchen, bedrooms or completely add an additional story up top, which doubles the size of your home for half the price.

Planning an extension should be given time and consideration to ensure you maximise the amount of space you gain for the amount of money you invest. We make sure to come up with  a design that complements your present home, taking into consideration your budget whilst attempting to maximise what space addition you can get in return. Ensuring your new extension works in harmony with your existing home is important to ensure that your home doesn’t lose its unique home warmth. Working with the best qualified engineers we will ensure your extension is completed on time and without any major issues.



 Renovating your home gives you the opportunity to live in a new and improved home without having to change your address. When planning a renovation you need to take a number of factors into consideration and ensure you  get a good return on your investment. Our team will visit your home and work with you listening to what you want and then giving you there suggestions ensuring we use our years of renovating experience to give you an advantage.

All Ozcon Group renovations help you update either the interiors and or the exteriors of your home. Renovating with new technologies and techniques can give you a more spacious kitchen in the same space, a more modern style living room and  bigger but more cozy bedrooms. If it is just a bathroom renovation or some landscaping outside, we provide custom solutions for all your home renovation projects.

Duplex Homes

 Many people today are taking advantage of the large land they have and building a duplex home, duplex homes have many advantages the primary advantage being you can build two brand new homes on one block of land, you can then sell one of the homes to cover your building costs or rent out the second property and have an income stream from this new house.

If your thinking about building a new duplex home then Ozcon Group is your builder of choice as we have built many duplex homes before. Let us apply or experience and design skills in building your new duplex home.



 If your land is large enough and you have council approval you can build a set of townhouses on your property for investment purposes or in some cases a family will all combine and build them self a small complex of town houses for them selves.

Townhouses have an advantage over a standard unit in that you have a bigger home, a backyard, and in most cases a lockup garage out side your front door, they are also good for people that are downsizing from a large home and are looking for something a little more cozy and cheaper to run and maintain. Let our expert team help you with the design and building of a new set of town houses.




 No home is complete without the finishing touches and the most important part of that is the Landscaping. With the right grass, tress, flowers, pebbles, stones, and plants the landscaping can transform your home from nice to stunning. Let our expert landscapers provide you with some of their design ideas and let us bring out the beautiful features of your homes surrounding gardens.

When landscaping ensuring the right plants and grass is used according to your soil and sunlight is critical otherwise your lawns and plants will wilt away in a matter of weeks, with our many years of experience in selecting the right grass, plants and decorative garden accessories you can rest assured your garden and landscaped areas will look beautiful for years to come.


 It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home, the fresh clean ceilings and walls will add light to any room, it will give the home a fresh look and feel. Ensuring you select the right colour paint is always tricky, sometimes the colours we love and want to paint our homes with will not work and you need someone with professional experience to be able to tell you that, as you will most likely think your husband doesn’t know what he is talking about 🙂

Mixing the right colours for walls and ceilings in an essential part of getting the paint right otherwise a clash of colours can make your home look dark and angry. Let us work with you, your furniture and home decorations to assist you in making a decision to get the right colours. We can help with feature walls, baby nursery’s, anti mould painting and of course the rest of your home inside and out.


 Our expert team of carpenters and joinery workers can help you with all your joinery works including but not limited to floors / floorboards, windows, doors, kitchens, skirting boards and door frames. Ensuring all your joinery work is completed by a professional is essential in ensuring the job is done right, faulty floor boards can cause lots of squeaking and let cold air or insects into the home, whilst freshly polished floor boards make your home look beautiful.